Let Go, Heal, Be Happy
An In-depth Roadmap to Healing, Living,
and Life-long Emotional Mastery
Mark Linden O’Meara
Price: $17.95

When you’re presented with the opportunity of your dreams, will you be ready, or will your baggage get in the way?

We’ve all been told “just let it go”, yet we don’t. We are hanging on to baggage that manifests in self-sabotaging relationships, constant headaches, and undesired unhappiness.

Let Go and Be Happy teaches you how to identify, overcome and eliminate the personal issues that have been impairing your life. Written in a friendly, entertaining and caring style, Mark walks you through awareness, change, and ultimately increasing your happiness.

Let Go and Be Happy helps you:

  • Discover a wealth of resources to live happier
  • Identify and challenge your personal issues, then work through them to healthier relationships with yourself and others
  • Use tears, laughter, and self-expression to dissolve negative emotions and let the past go
  • Have healthier relationships by stripping your unresolved issues of their power to influence you.
  • Develop your finishing ability and finally resolve incomplete business
  • Discover new levels of joy, creativity and your sense of self

Let Go and Be Happy is a step by step guide to resolving your issues and living a fulfilling, happy life now. A beautiful world awaits when you are ready to let the past go and accept happiness into your life.

“Breakthrough healing is possible and this book shows you how!”
–Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“This book is jam packed with great content….
A veritable fountain of knowledge and wisdom…
A book to read again and again!”

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Prayers and Meditations for Daily Inspiration
A worldy multi-faith collection to calm the mind and lift your spirit.
Mark Linden O’Meara
Price: $17.95
232 pages

Do you often feel stressed by the reality of life, its daily demands and challenges? Do you feel the need to relax but haven’t been able to make time for yourself or to meditate? Experience uplifting benefits in just seconds with this collection of beautifully written calming prayers and centering meditations, carefully selected from many different faiths, inspirational writers and sources of wisdom. Open this book and select any page to find comfort and relaxation while deepening your connection with Divinity. Keep this book nearby for instant moments of calm and stillness.


A strong choice for any religious or spiritual reader
Life is a constantly changing thing, and prayer is what some use to stay sane. “Powerful Prayers for Everyday Living: A Diverse Collection of Prayers Offering Hope, Happiness, and Wisdom” is a collection of daily prayers and proverbs to be spread out to when readers need them the most to deal with the harshness and cruelty of life. The words within are moving, giving readers much to appreciate and hold dear, making “Powerful Prayers for Everyday Living” a strong choice for any religious or spiritual reader. – Midwest Book Review.

Profound Quiet Moments
This book provides profound quiet moments that each person needs to have to ground themselves and then move forward in their day. –Dr. C.D. Condon

Outstanding Collection!
“This book is an outstanding collection of contemplative prayer with timeless  poetry.  An important addition to anyone’s library.”  —Theresa Pugh, Arias Press

A calming, kind collection of special prayers
This book brings me calm everyday. I open up the book and read a prayer. Mark has done a wonderful job of collecting prayers and has written some beautiful ones himself. Get this book now and start enjoying these peaceful, calm and kind prayers that show we are all singing the same song! – E.W

Regenerate stressed cells!
The book is an amazing collection of different prayers. Prayer is a very common ritual in India. It is a part of life like any other activity everyday.
Marks book of prayers is an invisible emanation of man’s spirit which is the the most powerful form of energy generated.The influence of prayer on the human mind is as demonstrable as that of secreting glands.It is the only power in the world that seems to overcome the so-called laws of nature.  I would recommend everybody to get this amazing book and use it everyday to regenerate the stressed cells in our bodies.Just open any page when you are feeling stuck,starting your day or wanting to relax after a whole day to fill yourself with positivity and thankfulness.  – Bhavna Solecki.(B.A.RST), Holistic Programme Creator.


Kitten and Bear and the Big Tree
Available as Ebook
Illustrations by Estelle Liang


Kitten and Bear both go for a walk in the forest from opposite directions. They end up meeting each other at The Big Tree. Discovering their common interests, they play for the rest of the day. They agree to meet again the next day at the left side of the big tree.

Each thinking that their new friend didn’t show, they inquire as to what went wrong. They agree to try again and meet at the right side of The Big Tree. Again, both going right, they miss each other, but call out each others names.
Finding each other and realizing their mistake, they laugh about their mistake, forgive and continue their friendship.